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Hey Guys

Got a Love hate relationship going on with Quickbooks Premier 2006. I broke down & bought this package cause I needed something to track the business & inventory.

Initially its very labor intensive when setting up your business & inventory. I've been plucking away at data entry for 2 months now & its finally paying off.

Once you get it set up, it tracks all your purchase orders, Adds items into inventory. Invoices & sales remove items from inventory.

It allows you to take inventory items like wicks, wax, F/O stickums etc & build your candle according to your own recipe. They call that an assembly item. The finished candles are then added to your inventory. You can track parts & assemblies. Really neat.

As i said, setting it up is labor intensive but I have found a few tricks that help make it easier.

Anyway, thought I'd share my experiences with ya.


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After enter all your items in the list, You want to order something say from Peaks, You have to create a purchase order in Quickbooks with these same items. takes maybee 2 minutes depending on how much you order. When the order arrives, You select receive order & pay bill, follow the prompts & it adds what you ordered to your inventory. When you sell something, you create an invoice with the items sold and it subtracts what you sold from your inventory.

The mistake I made is not putting things in inventory in the units I use them in. For instance wax. You order by the pound, but you use ounces when you make 1 candle.

I caught this early on so it was no biggie. It also lest you set re-order points so when you get down to say 2 ounces of a particular F/O itl flag you to re-order/.


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