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FO sensitivity

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The more I make candles the more sensitive I am becoming to the FO, from all different companies. :cry2: I don't want stop making candles. I am going to try wearing a respirator when I am pouring and try working with EOs more. But what about testing and having the candles stored at my house? Pillars are the biggest problem because I can cover the containers when they set up.

Does anyone have any tips for FO sensitive people? Does using an air purifyer work at all? How popular are unscented candles??

I'm really concerned with this.

I have seen people on candle boards with this problem and they had to give up on candles. I hope it doesn't come to this for me.

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I'm pretty sensitive to fragrances also. I always wear a dust mask (probably better to wear something finer, but this helps me), and I make sure to wear gloves when I'm working (latex). I keep a fan blowing across my prestos away from me, and try to keep a window open.

I sell quite a few unscented pillars to people who are sensitive to fragrance, but still want the light. Mostly pillars, not jars or votives.

I think it's great that you're concerned - it *is* one of the hazards of chandling, since we work with scents so much. It's easy to become sensitized to FOs as well as EOs.

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No doctor so can't help there, but I'm not a fan of strong scents either. I know I can smell things right away, like a candle burning if I just walk into a room while DW does not. I make plenty of unscented ones candles for myself.

The air purifiers that actually work are expensive - the one I want is roughly 500 dollars (no, its not that famous one). I only have a cheap one running now but I don't know how much good it does. I do this as a hobby, I probably couldn't do this as day-to-day work unless it was in some sort of class 1 cleanroom!

What I do with my pillars, tapers, and votives is shrink wrap them. I just buy the shrink wrap bags because they are cheap and do them that way. If I were selling them I would have to invest in a machine to make them more presentable. :) Not only doesn't it keep the scent from infecting everything else, it keeps them neat so you can stack them and keeps the dust off.

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