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I want to post a simple starting recipe...


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I want to post a simple starting recipe (multiple recipes) in the tips section.

What recipe did you find the easiest to start with? I'd like a couple with ingredients that don't have to be ordered - that you can find in the kitchen.

What was your first recipe? I can guess at a bunch and put up some usual castile ones, but I'd like to know the ones that *you* thought were pretty simple and gave a pretty good outcome.

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I used this one from Kathy Millers Site. Only 3 ingrediants all found at local stores.

Blended Soap Using Beef Shortening (or Lard)/No Coconut (Kathy Miller)

64 oz. beef shortening (tallow and cottonseed blend or tallow and soybean... see below*) OR you may substitute lard

24 oz. olive oil

4 oz. castor oil

12 oz. lye crystals

32 oz. cold water

Made an ok bar, thought it was great back then :) (then my coconut oil palm and shea butter arrived) Would probably scale it back to 2 lbs on the site if you use it.

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