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Paperboard Jars

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Hi.  I was wondering if any of you have used paperboard jars for your cosmetics?  If so, could you please tell me a little more about them?  I'm afraid that the metal tins are becoming a bit more expensive now for making my perfumes.  So, am looking around at other possibilities just in case.


Hope all is well for you guys...

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I haven't used them yet but I did get some samples from PaperTube. They are about the same or more than tins but they do have a ready made area where you will not need to order custom and meet minimums and some do have a lining so the product stays in the paper jar and not absorbed by the paper making a mess of your packaging. 

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10 hours ago, NightLight said:

Paperboard not cheaper. You do have to hunt around for tin pricing.

Yeah, I looked into them a little more & seemed a bit expensive for my liking.  Finally found some tins I liked at this place called: Your Oil Tools.  Or, www.YourOilTools.com.  Their tins didn't end up being terribly expensive & I plan on ordering from them again.

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