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Soy Wax

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You will likely need to stabilize it to Keep it from turning dry and grainy. You may also need to play with it to make sure the soy doesn’t dull the notes of your fragrance. For some reason soy flattens a lot of essences.


My solid perfume formula is more like a lip balm.

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Thanks TT!!!  At least I know now rather than spending the money and then be disappointed.  Yeah, I too have been looking for making it more like a lip balm.  Don't really want to buy anymore beeswax cause I used a little when I first started and found that it didn't work well with me.

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13 hours ago, Cross-stitch said:

It seemed to react to my skin, if I remember right it made me itchy.  I suppose I could try it again just to make sure.  

Candelilla - as you already use - is a nice offset to beeswax. You use less candy wax than beeswax so cost is comparable. But then you don’t get to drop the candy wax. So right back at the start. 🙃



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