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CS Clean Scents


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I haven’t made candles since 2019 due to illness. I’m able to get back into it now so I bought FO from Candlescience and their new clean scent for baby powder is a completely different scent than before before.  Can anyone speak to how caramelized pralines, Hansel & Gretels house, Macintosh Apple, clean cotton, smoke and odor eliminator measure up in the new formulation compared to the old?  Thanks 😊 

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Welcome back to candlemaking!


Of those, the only one I've tried both the original and the reformulation is Hansel & Gretel's House.  I only poured one candle.  I don't remember it very well, but I didn't like it.  My notes say that it was very different from the original, very nice OOTB, but it was just sweet and plasticky in wax, so I tossed it.  (But that was only from one test....maybe if I had worked at it I could have improved it, but I didn't bother trying.)


A lot of people on craftserver have said that the smoke and odor eliminator is completely different.  Here's a thread from 2020:




Heads-up, when CS reformulates they sometimes also rename it.  Sometimes they put that info in the new scent's description, but sometimes they miss it.  For example, they introduced a new scent "Black Amber and Plum" that was a reformulation of "Holly Berry".  That IS mentioned on the Holly Berry page, but not on the Black Amber and Plum page.  Same with the old "Antique Sandalwood" that was reformulated and renamed "Library."  So, be careful if you decide to try some of their newer scents.

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