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Override lemon FO

Pam W

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I have a bunch of wax that is pre-scented with possbilly a lemon w/hint of vanilla...can't quite figure out just what it is. I have 120 lbs of the stuff!!

What FOs would go well with the lemon and hopefully override it as the primary scent?

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With the oils that I have, I would try:

lavender, vanilla, white cake, birthday cake, yellow cake, pound cake, orange chiffon cake, green tea, anything citrus (monkey farts, lemon pie, key lime pie, pineapple supreme, fruit slices, grapefruit, cool citrus breeze, etc.), anything berry (strawberry jam, blueberry cobbler, blackberry sage, raspberry dream), clothesline fresh, summer breeze . . .

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I don't have much on hand in the way of citrus FOs but I do have lavendar and a vanilla-citrus..a mixture of those sounds interesting. I have black cherry, mango but they don't sound good. Have lots of things like Patch, Black Canyon, Tuscan Nights, Jasmine, Honeysuckle,

Sweetpea, Eucalyptus, Ginger & Cinnamon (humm?)

Candlebuddy: the cake FOs do sound good. I have a little st'berry & blueberry(enough for testing) and the pineapple sounds like a killer.

If I can narrow this down to 10 possibles, I'll order the Peak's sample FO package and start mixing.;) There is also a 15lb slab of lightly scented Coconut - I'm not a coconut fan but DH loves German Choco cake so that might be a good choice for that.

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I'm not sure where you get your Black Cherry, but mine is so strong that I doubt you would smell the other FO over it. It's powerful.

For the coconut, anything tropical like Jamaica Me Crazy, Island Mango, etc . . . would work well in it, as well as German Chocolate Cake.

Honeysuckle would probably be nice too.

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black cherry is from Aroma Haven and it will kill any other FO it gets close to!!

just poured a tester w/Lavendar & vanilla-citrus. the smell coming from the pour pot is primarily the lavender - so that will be a keeper. The house is smelling pretty darn good right now.:)

I have some Sage FO that might be worth a try. There's just no telling what you can find when you go thru your FO box:p

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