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Stearic acid & mold release

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This is something I'm a little confused about. I know stearic acid acts as a mold release agent at a certain percentage. Some suppliers also carry mold release powder. Are they one in the same, or are these 2 completely different products. Using a mold release spray is not an option as I'm about to explain why I'm asking about the powder form. 


This might sound way out there (or maybe not!) If you use stearic or mold release powder in your wax formulation for wax melts, would it help to release the wax from the warmer dish once the melt is finished? It seems like it would when you think about it - this dish is like a mold. Has anyone ever tried it? I've never seen anyone talk about using it. 


Thank you for any info you can give me! I'd like to hear from a few people before I buy some. Not to mention, know the difference between stearic and mold release powder. 

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Stearic acid shrinks as it cools, which helps with mold release in stand alone candles and melts.  

In wicked applications it can make wicking more challenging.  Too much and it will for a crystallized pattern in the wax.

I’ve never used mold release powder, so I can’t answer.



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