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Formulator's Alcohol vs Denatured Alcohol


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I have a recipe for a room spray that I make for myself which uses Vodka, Distilled Water, Glycerin, FO. I know that we can not sell products with Vodka so I was thinking of just using Denatured Alcohol instead of the Vodka. I read that there is a type of alcohol for use in products such as linen sprays and air fresheners that is called Formulator's Alcohol. I am not really sure what the difference is between it and Denatured Alcohol and if it is actually worth the price of ordering it and paying shipping vs. getting plain Denatured Alcohol locally. I find that the Denatured does leave a stronger alcohol scent when sprayed than my orginal formula so I end up using more FO. Does anyone have experience with Formulator's Alcohol? Also since my product would contain distilled water what preservative would you suggest?

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