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New candle labels


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Jeff, there is a link in one of the FAQ sections here on the Federal packaging label requirements for candles. You need to have the net wt. and contact info for sure. I include ingredients (i.e. wax, fragrance oil, dye, lead free wick). Can't get to the link right now to verify what else is required. Other than the regs, I think your label is awesome. Love the teddy bear.

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Guest EMercier

I like the label, but I don't know if I would have your first names on there. Maybe you can put, "Made by the Smiths" I dont know your last name, so I just used a generic. That still gives it the personal touch. Just in my opinion.

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Thanks everyone. These labels are not finished yet. My wife and I just bought the domain name "loganbearcandles.com" so that will go on the labels too. Thank you for the heads up on state and federal label requirements. I know that's something that I need to look into.

To quietgirl:

That is a wood grain background and the labels will be printed on glossy white paper.

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