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Room spray

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I am absolutely drawing a blank here.  I have been making candles very successfully for 20 years and the room spray and reed diffusers are kicking my rear.  I am using the RE room spray which can hold up to 9% and diffuser base from CS which holds up to 25%.  How do I mix it?  I poured some base in a 2.7 aluminum bottle to figure out how much it would hold.  It scaled at about 1.5oz but when i poured it into a measuring cup, it was 3oz by volume.  Do i measure the base by volume and the fragrance by weight?  Both by volume? both by weight?

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Do it by the weight inside bottle,  so if weighs out at 1.5 then make a formula to hold that amount for bottle.

Use the calculators at Wholesalesuppliesplus to help you creat formula.



You would type in  fragrance 9 percent

base 91 per cent

Total bath volume 1.5


This will give you amount you need to mix for bottles.

Use weight only to be accurate.


now do the same for diffuser bottle. Find weight of liquid for inside bottle 

use calculator again

diffuser base



room spray bases may or may not hold 9 per cent of fragrance, you have to test fo.

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You can and should use a calculator for candles to be precise. Especially if you use additives as some you would only use small amount for test and small batches. Fragrance oils should be weighed as well not eyeballed or put in teaspoons etc.


so same thing in calculator

Amount for batch needed

then percentage of each of below to add up to 100 percent.

candle wax

addtive xx

candle wax no 2

fragrance oil



then calculate and print voila!

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Now take your candle formula you might be doing by hand, and put in the calculator


total candles 36 oz


wax percentage

additive percentage

fragrance percentage






perfect candles every time and accurate.


For test candles get a scale that handle tiny amounts.

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