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  1. It will if you leave them in too long. Only dip them long enough to absorb the fragrance on the whole freshener and pull it out. I had a few customers that I would resoak them for.
  2. I used to use these from Bell. I loved them but just didn't have the space for them to dry. I dipped them in a dish with fragrance and dpg and hung them to dry. They do not last as long as the aroma beads. http://www.wicks-wax-scents.com/texas-boots-horses.html
  3. cp0421

    Room spray

    Thank you for your help. The calculator on WSP is amazing!!
  4. cp0421

    Room spray

    thank you so much. I will try that.
  5. cp0421

    Room spray

    I am absolutely drawing a blank here. I have been making candles very successfully for 20 years and the room spray and reed diffusers are kicking my rear. I am using the RE room spray which can hold up to 9% and diffuser base from CS which holds up to 25%. How do I mix it? I poured some base in a 2.7 aluminum bottle to figure out how much it would hold. It scaled at about 1.5oz but when i poured it into a measuring cup, it was 3oz by volume. Do i measure the base by volume and the fragrance by weight? Both by volume? both by weight?
  6. I have used 4786 for 19 years and I am still very satisfied. The only difference that i have noticed is that it is definitely easier to break. I tried the one-pour but just didn't get the HT or the vibrant colors that i get with the 4786. The 2nd pour is well worth it to me.
  7. I used Cajun's for years, mostly because of shipping but recently switched to Plastic Pellets4fun premium beads. I can't believe the difference. I never could get the Cajun beads to absorb a large amount of fragrance without waiting 2 weeks. Plastic Pellets 4 fun, 2 days at most but you have to constantly shake them because they absorb so fast and the colors are very rich. Since they offer free shipping the cost is about the same for me. I go through about 50 lbs a month so they have definitely made my job easier.
  8. cp0421

    Candle Dye

    just found white dye at AAA Candle Supply.
  9. cp0421

    Candle Dye

    I too, do not use any dye for white ones. Works fine.
  10. Here is the description: Sophisticated, metropolitan fragrance of manly spice notes, Mediterranean citrus and herbs, and bitter orange. Maybe you can find something similar with the same notes.
  11. I mix 2 parts DPG and 1 part fragrance, anything stronger than that seems to smoke quite a bit. I cut the tops off 16oz fragrance bottles and can soak up to 100 sticks at a time. I soak for a minimum of 24 hrs and lay flat on a cookie rack with paper towels underneath until they dry. I also store the leftover mixture in 16oz bottles for the next time and just add to it when it gets low. Packaged in the 2" x 12" bags and stick a 2"x2" label on the front.
  12. Thank you. I have an account with them. Papermart also has some good prices
  13. Thank you so much for the suggestions. I've tried the foam mats and they got nasty real quick but haven't thought of the paper. Lowe's has rolls of paper which are reasonably priced.
  14. We are very close to finishing my shop. At first I was not going to do anything with the concrete slab but now I'm second guessing myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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