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The Candlemaker's store has some scent descriptions now


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I have been noticing that some of their fragrance oils finally have scent descriptions.  Short and basic but lots better than nothing.


My daughter and I drove to Ohio today to pick up wax and jars.  A trip that takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes barring road construction  (one way) saved me $140 in shipping charges.


I told the guy there that I was happy to see some scent descriptions being added to the FO's and it had been a common complaint on a candle making forum I have been on for 10 years that there were no scent descriptions.  He repeated the same line we've heard before from that company, that scents are subjective to the individual.  I said it stills helps to know the fragrance notes, for example in a fragrance called 'Stormy nights'.  He did agree with that.


I was so disappointed though to find out the warehouse store is closed on Mondays so we couldn't sniff any samples.  I knew it was closed on Fridays, but didn't realize it was also closed on Mondays.  He was sorry, and gave me 4 one ounce sample bottles of FO.  They were similar, Dirt Pudding and Oreo Cookie.  Orange Buttercream and Fruit Loops.  I thought that was nice of him and the store being closed did save me from the temptation to buy some of their $9.99 specials in the store which usually aren't that special.  :) 


He said Fruit Loops was one of their most popular fragrances.  Cherrylicious was my free 16 oz bottle for spending $100 and it smelled nice and strong OOB.  I might try making Cherry Vanilla candles one of these days.

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3 minutes ago, Belinda said:

@GailC, I'm happy they finally started having some descriptions too! Do you use any of their oils? I have some samples but have never put them in wax. I gave a bunch away on more than one occasion simply because I didn't know how to describe the scent.


I have used a few.  I really like Bamboo Rainforest and Snow Cream. Country Berry Hotcakes is good too.  Some of their oils seem weak OOB to me, but I should put some more of their scents I have in oil to truly judge.


I learned that lesson a few years ago.  I had bought one of their specials, Botanical Breeze, and it sat in my cabinet for probably 3 years, because I wasn't that impressed with it OOB.  Finally put it in wax and was very pleasantly surprised.  It was really good!


I know you can't really judge an FO by how it smells OOB.  On the other hand, sometimes if an oil does smell weak, that's because it is.  :)   


I have sniffed a bunch of their samples when I was there picking up an order in the past, and wrote down some I really liked.  But when I got home and looked them up, many of their prices per 16 oz were too high for me.  $20 a bottle (16 oz) is normally my limit because there are so many suppliers with good FO's at reasonable prices.  I'd rather buy from Nature's Garden, Aztec, Fragrance Buddy, Candlewic, Candlescience and even Rustic Escentuals.  They are still cheaper usually, even with shipping.  Except maybe RE, because their shipping is so high, but they have some really good FO's I like.

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