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Favorite Scents for Incense Sticks


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Getting ready to make fresh sticks for some upcoming shows, and I'd like to make some changes to my lineup.
I have several scents that I can never seem to make enough of, and a few that were total bummers- Angel 😖
What are some of your hits and misses ?
Nag Champa, Sandalwood and Patchouli-regular & raspberry are my tops
Campfire Marshmallow was a surprise hit last year, so definitely making more of that.

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Lovespell is a huge seller for me, I mix it with a little patchouli.

Oakmoss and Amber from CS is outstanding in incense!

I personally love Lush's Olive Branch, my favorite dupe is (was) MO's Spanish Fly, which Arizona now carries. It makes a lovely clean incense.

Another great seller for me is CW's Voodoo Love, it is absolutely fantastic.

Some others I love are Pink Sugar (RE), Blue Sugar(FC), Red Ginger Saffron(CS), Christmas Splendor(NG), and Black Sea (Aztec). I love incense, and I find many of my buyers like unusual fragrances that they can't find elsewhere.


I bet Campfire Marshmallow is awesome, I'll have to try that!


Sadly every single FO from Fillmore that I mix for incense has a terrible chemical smell when burning. Such a shame because they have great oils, I think there is something in their chemical composition that doesn't take to being set on fire, lol. A few from NG do the same thing. Happily ever oil from CS that I have tried (so far) is strong and awesome in incense. Same with CW's.

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