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Favorite wick for soy/vegetable blend users?

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I'm using the CB3 right now and getting ready to test the 449. I've got the CB3 looking so good now but I'm noticing some of the candles are smoking more than the J223 (paraffin blend) I used to use even though I've cut back on the FO. I'm currently using Premier 700s (quite a bit of smoking & soot) and I'm playing with the Fil-tec ones, which don't seem to smoke but make a huge "alien looking" mushroom type of formation at the end after burning for a few hours. :undecided

What does everyone use?

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I used some of the premier 700's as well in my IGI 4630 (soy/parafin blend) and I noticed some smoke as well.

I would like to know the answer as well...I just ordered some sample wicks so I can play with different types and see if I do any better with them (LX, CD)

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I've currently got a test going on the wick performance between the CB3, 449 and a 1/2 and 1/2 mix (just to make things more confusing!) :tongue2:

I poured 3 testers of 6 ozs of wax each, heated to 175, added 1 drop BCN Honey and .45 ozs of FO. I wicked these with the Premier 700s size 770.

I'm already noticing that the waxes are setting up differently. I poured the 449 first and the CB3 second. The CB3 already is solid on sides and top and the the 449 is barely starting to solidify on the bottom. The mix, which I poured third, has a 1/4 inch solid stripe along the bottom.

Will post results after letting them set all night and test tomorrow in different rooms burning at the same time.

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It was a positive thing for me to see the difference in the way it was setting up. This way I know it is quite a bit different than the CB3 and I'm not wasting my time.

All 3 have set up nicely now with smooth color and virtually no frosting. The top of the 449 is much better than the other 2. There is very little cracking around the wicks - no second pour needed. I'm excited about test burning these.

If there is any smoking will test the fil-tecs next and go from there.

Thanks for the input.

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Thanks Jennifer. Are the htp's hard to work with? They aren't rigid are they? Or do you have to use something to hold the wicks until they harden?

I've tested a bit with the HTP's and wasn't happy with the hangup on the side of the jar opposite the "curl", which happens because they are flat-braided wicks. You can alleviate this by leaning or placing the wick slightly toward the side which won't curl, but I don't like having my wicks look like they are off-center. With all my wicks I use a wick placeholder until the wax is completely cool.

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Hi Vicki,

That is so weird that you are experiencing soot with the CB-3. That is one thing that I hate too -- soot! When I switched to soy I was so happy that I was no longer experiencing the dreadful soot -- noticeable soot anyway. I don't seem to have a problem with soot with the CB-3. I even use what you would call soot collector jars. The only time that I will experience some soot would be if it is burned too long (marathon burn) and towards the bottom. This has not actually happened with me (nothing noticeable) but with my friends -- a lot of them marathon burn and do not always trim the wicks. However, if they would have had some of the paraffins I have used, it would have been horribly black.

I use between 8-9% FO. I have the best luck with RRD's and Hemps. I also double wick. Also, with the RRD's and Hemps I trim them to 1/8 inch. I have noticed that wicks can been trimmed shorter with soy than with paraffin -- a lot of soy candles on the market state 1/8".

I have the Golden Brands soy to test too, but have not had enough time to try it out, so I can't compare it for you -- give my thoughts in comparison.

That is great that you have gotten the CB-3 to look great, but it is a bummer that you are experiencing soot. :sad2: Maybe if you try the RRD's or Hemps you will have better luck. Keep us posted.

~Holly :)

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