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Sugar Cookie

Sarah S

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wax: CBL 125

fo load: 7%

addatives: none

container: salsa jar

wicks: HTP, wicked up one size

cure: 1 week

CT: faint

HT: weak, kind of boring*


wax: Palm 2 pillar

fo load: 6%

cure: 2 weeks

wick: cotton core, it was a little too small

CT: faint

HT: weak, still boring*


*Admittedly, the poor results in the palm wax could be due to my wick choice. But when this one didn't do well in the 125, I knew it wasn't because of anything I did. This isn't a bad FO, it smells nice and it does throw somewhat, but there are much better cookie FOs out there, IMO.

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