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Suggestions for posting a review

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To make this section as relevant and useful as possible, here are a few starter bits to copy and paste within your review:


wax used: soy C3

fragrance load (%) 8%

average cure time: 2 weeks.

Wax additives?

container: 8oz tin

wicking notes: have to wick this one up 1+ sizes

Cold throw: excellent

Hot Throw: strong when wicked well

Morphing: none. Scent stays true



wax used: 

fragrance load (%): 

average cure time: 

Wax additives:

container size (dimensions) & type (material)

wicking notes: 

Cold throw: 

Hot Throw: 



Other notes: 




FO load%: 

Veggie / Animal type fats: 

water discount/ lye solution%: 





Other Notes:


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This is great! I'm hoping to have this weekend to do some reviews!

Can I suggest one addition?


Date of FO purchase


Sometimes people don't get around to testing right away, and with the reformulation of FO happening all time, it's nice to know if you're looking at an older version.

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