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New Here - non paraffin dye question

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post, and I just have to say thank you. This forum is RICH! You've answered so many of my questions already. I've been lurking, reading, testing, testing, reading... I'm addicted, and am having so much fun!

Thanks for all your help.

Lately I've been trying out my sample of S&P crystalline container wax, and love the way it looks. Still working on managing the air pockets though. I noticed that they recommended NOT to use paraffin based color chips, so I'm assuming that means the reddi-glo.

Are color blocks paraffin based?? I do have some liquid dye here I can use, but it's very messy!... Was wondering about my options.

I'm used to the single pour soy wax...

Any tips on conquering the air pockets in this palm wax? How many relief holes should I poke, how big and deep, and when?



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AFAIK the chips and flakes are stearic based. Thats why people have problems with them dissolving sometimes (they'll mostly just sit there in wax unless its hot enough.)

I've not used your palm wax - but I assume it behaves like other palm wax - if so, just poke a few pencil-sized holes (3 or 4) after the top sets up a bit (1/4") and keep them open into the cooling liquid wax below (revisit the wax every once in a while). Really, its not an exact science - the important thing is that you actualy DO the relief holes. :)

See: http://www.candletech.com/metalpillarmolds/step7.htm

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It's the last pound of the sample, but I'm just gonna go for it. I'll let you all know if the chips give me any problems (ie hinders the crystallization? What else would it do?)

And thanks HenryK for the link. The pic showing the relief holes helped me visualize it a bit better. I've been using a little kabob skewer, when a pencil or something might be better.

Thanks you guys!


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