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Dumb Newbie Mistake


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I swear I'd lose my head if it didn't come attached to the rest of my bod. Made some wine glass gels. Have done this many times. Thought they had a few too many bubbles when I was cleaning up the glasses. So set them in the oven at 170 for a while. Turned the oven off and let them cool. Took them out and found my wicks had all fallen to the side of the glass. Forgot to put the clothes pins back on to hold the wicks in place. For you other gel newbies, if you use the oven to eliminate bubbles put whatever you use to hold the wicks in place back on. I had to straighten the wicks back up, secure them with clothes pins and give them another oven treatment. Think I'll tape a note to the stove hood saying "Secure Your Wicks".

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Guest EMercier

You can also eliminate the bubbles by the temperature you pour the gel. I do champagne and love lots of bubbles. I also do a appletini and have no bubbles. I pour my appletini at a higher temperature and the champagne at a lower temperature. Or I have it backwards. I just know which one to do and make it look like these.:D

product_5_lg.jpg Lots of bubbles

product_3_lg.jpg No Bubbles

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