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yellow ring on Lavender/Vanilla candle--yikes!

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I have made MANY lavender/vanilla candles for my specialty market customer and they sell like crazy.  When I stopped in last week to check on inventory I noticed yellow rings around the tops of the candles.  I'm assuming this is from the vanilla content; should I use stabilizer in my candles that have heaving concentrations of vanilla FO?  I'm using 6006 wax, no dye.

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On 7/7/2018 at 10:09 PM, Scented said:

Are you pouring into tins? What's the tint of your oil? If you allow your wax to harden, do you see a yellow tint? 


I use clear tumblers and the wax is white upon hardening.  I have determined from conversations on this forum that the yellowing is from fluorescent lighting in the store that sells my candles.  I'm going to try some white dye to see if that helps a bit.

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