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Pyramid Candle Wicking Question

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So I tried a zinc wick 60-44-18, a 27 flat braid wick and then a 24 flat braid wick. I know I should be wicking for the center of the candle on this one, so here are the results:


Zinc wick burned wildly at first with a very high flame, calmed down towards the middle of the burn, then seemed to do "fair" for the rest of the burn.

27 flat braid, wick too big, burned too wildly again, had a blow out...then calmed down "some" towards the center to the bottom

24 flat braid wick burned wild at first, then had a major blow out, then calmed down, but the flame was much too high.


So, I'll now order the 21 flat braid and see what happens next. Has anyone wicked these pyramid candles successfully? If the 21 flat braid is still too wild, which would you suggest I try next? I really want this candle to work, I know my customers will love it. 

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What's the width of your base? That's what you need to calculate for your wicking Hopie. I know it's small on top and 1274 will seem to burn rapidly, but by the time you get to the widest part of the candle, your pyramid will catch up. It is a lot of testing. I wouldn't necessarily rule out a 30 FB. 

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The base measures 4 inches across. With the 24 flat braid, I'm still getting quite a large flame, though, and it's burned almost all the way to the bottom. I was thinking of ordering the 21 flat braid, to test it again. I know this one is a pain to wick, however, I'm determined to get these on my tables some day. The more unique I can make them, the better they will sell with "my crowd". That was why I chose the more odd shapes.


I'm still test burning a few of the round pillars, I think those will be very good also if I can continue to be creative with the rustic pours on those. 

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