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Pillar creations

Pam W

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4 hours ago, Hopie said:

Okay, I did post a few more recently. Going to work on more this week, more mottling wax has arrived! :)

What wax did your order?  Shi$, you can't have too much wax....lol

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Well, I got more mottling wax because I really like pillar candles, and I love the effect of the mottling when poured into cold containers. Still testing them constantly and the one I'm staring at now seems to be burning quite nicely, It's the pyramid, used the 24 ply wick in it. Smells like apple pie in here.Then, I did order more C3, however, I'd asked the board which paraffin works best in containers. Soy is a bit too bitchy for me, lol! Guess I need to order the container wax....and...well...can't resist adding a few more oils when I do order. After all, I'm a fragrance addict :)  

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Haven't had an opportunity to continue to pour since making a bunch of lilac using some strange method that was supposed to keep me from burning my hands, but it didn't work lol. The muted colors worked for the most part. Now I need good light for pictures, because the pastels that came out kind of blend together. And I have to get to finishing off stuff because I owe someone here some candles. 

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