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Question about remelting a candle

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Having spent the last couple of months doing burn testing I couldn’t control myself anymore, so I pulled out three 8oz tins to test some new FOs. Unfortunately I used the wrong wick because I didn’t check my notes. So on Sunday I melted the candles and poured them into tins with the right wicks, but I’m not sure what to expect of the new candles. I’m using 6006 and they already had a week’s cure time, do they now need another week. Is this really a valid test of their hot throw, or should I start from scratch.

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I don't know what cure time is for 6006 as I don't use that wax but if it is a week, then your fine and don't need to start recurring again as they have already sat a week, so just hoping when you melted them down and put in a different container you did slowly and on a low temperature so you didn't lose any strength of fragrance.  So my opinion, you are just fine.



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