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Candlewic's Coconut Apricot wax

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I got a sample of this wax from Candlewic (it's a coconut/apricot blend with "a small percentage" of paraffin in it), and realized that there were no real instructions on their website re: idea temp to add FO, pour, etc. I emailed them and got this response:


At what temperature should I add fragrance oil?         10 to 15 Degrees  before you pour

At what temperature should I pour?                               145-150 Degrees F

Recommended cure time before burning?                     About 24 hours


For those that have used this wax before...does this sound right? I'm especially curious about the cure time...

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I primarily used it in soy blends, so the curing time was much longer. On its own, it was about as difficult to wick as the other coconut waxes, IMO. I poured a little hotter around 165-170 but added FO around 180-185. Nice wax - somewhat creamier than coco83, bright white color, and no "off" smell.

Their directions sound about right for the most part. Pouring at their suggested temps might have fixed the slight adhesion issues I had. As for the 24hr curing time... I can't say since I cured mine for at least five days and the throw was fine.

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17 minutes ago, leisa2003 said:

Did you ever find a wick that you like so far??


Not yet...I started out testing ECO wicks, but the sizes I was testing were way too much for my jar. Fast consumption, big flames, a slight fuel smell, and the wax discolored after burning. I set my testers aside and haven't gone back to them yet, but I will be trying again when I have the chance and wicking WAY down during my next texts. I liked how the wax set up and I found that jar adhesion was great. 

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