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Beads of liquid


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I poured cp soap in molds at three thirty this afernoon.I just took a quick peek at it,and it has gelled all the way to the edges,but there is liquid beads on the top of the soap.Is this normal,or what do you think it is?

Crisco-25.6 ozs Thanks,Anna

Coconut Oil-19.2 ozs

Olive Oil-19.2

Water-24 ozs

Lye 9 ozs

3 ozs Honeysuckle FO

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I agree, you will be able to tell more when it is done, but it just might reabsorb. I had one do it before, it looked like sweat during gel but was gone when I unmolded next day

Make sure to post a pic when you are done so we can see your creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks guys,It did absorb back in.I took it out of the mold and it turned out very pretty.I would take a picture if I had a camera,and I wouldn't know how to post it if I had one.

It is scented with Peaks honeysuckle,and it did good.The scent stayed true .


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