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ECo soya advanced reintroduced

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I'm not surprised at all. From what I have been reading for those that have tried the new quantum waxes they are horrible and not performing as well as the old. The new waxes just disappoint on all levels.


On top of that NGI has made many blunders in the introduction and the timing of bringing out and making available the new waxes. My guess is unless they get their act together they are going to go out of business. Constidering all the mess they have made nothing they do surprises me anymore.

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Hi , yes totally agree with you.  In the U.K. we could only get the ngi waxes and one business sold the c3 so when ngi stopped production of their waxes it really hit U.K. candle makers and that’s when companies started to offer the golden brands as an alternative.  I’ve tried the quantum 210 and I couldn’t get it wicked but  now using Cargill c6 which is coconut and soy and I love it so far x 

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