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  1. It is a ceramic jar , I’ve been making candles for roughly 8 years now x
  2. THIs is two original woodwicks .30 thickness and 1/4 size
  3. I heat to about 180 add fragrance and pour about 160 but I’ve poured higher and lower and still been good . I’m testing with normal and woodwicks at moment , I will see if I can add a pic
  4. Glass adhesion is amazing , no bubbles etc like I used to get with c3 and the hot and cold throw have been really good so far
  5. Hi , yes I’m in UK , I think it’s by the same people that make c3 wax so I presumed you would be able to get it in the US. I don’t know the ratio but I like it a lot more than the c3 and 464 wax
  6. Hi, has anyone tried the Naturewax c6 ? It’s a mix of coconut and soy , I’ve been trialling it and I really like it , glass adhesion is fantastic x
  7. Witchescauldron

    CB Advanced making a comeback in 2018

    Hi, I’m in U.K. and we have had the email to say advanced is making a comeback (we have it here now to purchase) and also the original pillar blend is coming back in March .
  8. Witchescauldron

    ECo soya advanced reintroduced

    Hi , yes totally agree with you. In the U.K. we could only get the ngi waxes and one business sold the c3 so when ngi stopped production of their waxes it really hit U.K. candle makers and that’s when companies started to offer the golden brands as an alternative. I’ve tried the quantum 210 and I couldn’t get it wicked but now using Cargill c6 which is coconut and soy and I love it so far x
  9. Witchescauldron

    ECo soya advanced reintroduced

    Hi, I know I can buy it here I just thought it was odd that they discontinued it bought out the new quantum waxes and are now bringing back the old advanced and pillar blend waxes xx
  10. Witchescauldron

    ECo soya advanced reintroduced

    Hi, thanks for reply. This isn’t the quantum range, this is the old advanced and pillar blend that they are bringing back , we can’t get the pillar blend until March but they are selling the advanced over here now along with the quantum waxes as well x
  11. Hi , I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the Ngi advanced being reintroduced ? I’m in the U.K. and today have had an email to say that ngi have reintroduced the advanced (and is now available to buy) and also the pillar blend will be available in March ?