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C3 Bubble Question

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Hi Everyone, 


New to candle making over the last 6 months and just getting the courage to start selling soon. 


I've been working with C3 for awhile now. The reason I use them is that I have a distributor that is close enough for me to go and pick it up instead of paying for shipping. I have a question for you that I hope you can answer...


I am getting small bubbles forming after I have lit the candle. I am assuming this is a processing issue, but could be mistaken. I have attached a picture to show you what I mean. 


My parameters are rather simple: 

6% FO 

C3 Wax

No additives in this sample

Container is 3.4" wide



Heat wax to 175F

add FO at 150F

Pour at 140F


Thanks for your help in advance!



Candle Bubbles.jpg

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Welcome to C3. It has an emulsifier in it which I suspect is lecithin. I was able to rextraterrestrial those bubbles with plain soy wax and liquid lecithin.


The way I’ve found to minimize them is to gently heat the wax stirring as little as possible. When adding fragrance and color agitate very very gently. There will always be some bubbles in the final candle. That is just C3.



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Thanks TallTayl. I have been reading a lot of your posts--very informative. One other question.. I was about half way through some of my candles, and after trimming of the wick, they started to soot. What generally causes this in a candle? 




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