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I, like so many others, feel so helpless with my candle testing!!

If I am understanding what I have read right, I might get a great wick/FO/throw combination in one box of 415 and order another box of 415 next week and get completely different results. Has anyone found this to be true? It's one thing if the testing has to start all over again, but does it really have to start over with each and every box? How is that even possible? 

I am hoping I am misunderstanding. 


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I've been making soy candles for over 12 years. I used to hear what you are inquiring about when I first started. It used to freak me out too. I haven't used 415, but I have used 464 for about 8 years.(same manufacturer). 464 has MANY inconsistencies. I've heard 415 is much more consistent than 464. As long as I stay with the same wicks, from the same manufacturer, same FO, from the same distributor, I haven't found the throw or wicking to change dramatically, as of yet, even when the wax looks and behaves differently from box to box. That doesn't mean you don't have to make testers now and then to make sure all is going well. I don't retest every box though. If you are doing a large amount of candles this is close to impossible to do. 

I think it also helps to know there is no perfect candle. You can make 4 candles exactly the same out of the same box of wax and they may all have slight variances. 

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