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Fragrance oil slick


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Hey guys

I was making a paraffin wax candle yesterday and noticed that the moment I poured in the FO (sea weed) it turned black at the bottom of my pot.I poured FO in !at 200  degrees F . My wax was a light pink color which turned muddy and dark...is it because of the temperature I poured the FO at...I guess it was too high! Does FO change the color of wax...making mistakes every day and learning everyday...any tips tricks and ideas please do let me know

thanks u guys...a lot of serious candle makers out there with loads of knowledge and info...it's a great community where people take time out to help others...

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The temp shouldn't have done that. Sometimes scents are just not compatible with wax. If it's not mixing in either, and there is an oil slick at the bottom of the pour pot, that can indicate that it's a heavy scent or that you are using too much for the type of wax you are using. 

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To answer your previous question, yes, fo can change the color of the wax, but not generally too much.  Lots of fo's make wax have a yellowish cast, and I've even experienced one fo that made the wax go army uniform green.  :P 


How fresh is your fragrance oil?  I've tried some old ones that were difficult to incorporate, although they worked fine when fresh.

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