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Epson Salt mason jar for candles


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I coat a mason jar with coffee grounds and cinnamon and use modge podge to adhere it then I seal it with a spray. Works great!

Recently I read to try epson salt and modge podge.  Has anyone else tried this?  I tried this morning and its drying and seems wet.  I read that it will dry...not sure if it will.

Has anyone used this before?  Or something else to use that looks like snow.  I use these for my homemade candles that I sell.  The coffee grounds hold up but just need some feedback on epson salt.

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On 10/9/2017 at 5:26 PM, TallTayl said:

Are you adhering the stuff to the outside or the inside of the jar? 


Since this post I have sprayed the end product with clear spray and the salt does not fall off.  I think I just needed to wait till it was completely dry.

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3 hours ago, Faerywren said:

I've used the coffee grounds/cinnamon before on tin can candles to make them look rusty/primitive. I've never thought of salt. It's so humid here, I'd be worried it would attract moisture.


It was hymid and hot the fay I did it also.It took 2 days to dry and then I sprayed tbe jar with epson salts to seal it

 After that it stayed dry.

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