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Documenting Testing


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For documentation purposes, how do you keep track of your testing before offering a candle for sale? Is there a good spreadsheet/document online that you use or do you just jot down notes/observations in a journal? 


Ive done lots of testing on each candle fragrance, but I don't feel like I have documented it properly. Any advice? 

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I have a test document I made to use so all I have to do is print it out when I test a new candle. I have a section to write down, date, and log all candle information like what wax, wick, jar, fragrance, additives, dyes, etc, their sources, amounts, lot numbers, etc. Then I have a section to write down my burn observations and to also keep track of the candles weight and burn times.

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I looked for the one that I got from BCN a while back, and it's not a candle test sheet at all, it's for fundraising. I took some of those ideas, but incorporated my own. 


My candle test sheet has pretty much all of the information that is on Candybee's sheet. Everything I would want to know about that candle is on that sheet. 

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