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Accu-Blend Coconut Wax

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I saw that there was a few threads from 2010 and 2013 about coconut wax but then not much more.


Have anyone of you tried the Accu-Blend All Natural Coconut Wax with any good results recently? Does it throw better than soy?


The Accu-Blend Coconut Wax 83 It should be a blend of mostly coconut and then a bit of soy and other vegetable waxes. I've ordered a little piece I'm going to test with next week.


Voluspa is a blend with coconut and paraffin + other secret stuff.

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I currently have coconut wax, CCCP1, from Cal wax, Ive made quite a few candles with them, my fragrance is all expired, because they were donated to me and i have them in 50lb tanks. in a 7oz pour with scent, the burn was clean, the fragrance came out well even though it was expired and when it cooled it gives it a smooth clean finish, coconut wax I was told by the vendor CAL WAX melts at 125 degrees, and the best time to start mixing is at 180 degrees.

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