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It was not what I thought!

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I came across the link below on facebook, saw the black dots in the baby's nose and it caught my immediate attention -- my first thought was (not to be disgusting but bug larve, eww, can't even write it--eww....*shudder*)  

The caption started with:   "Scented candles serve many purposes"  and goes on from there and I began to think how could this have happened?  Was the mother negligent?  Too many candles burning and the baby too close for too long?  And of course, not another candle bashing story!   So I watched the video and both the mother and the baby had black up their noses.  They went to the dr. and both were ok but discovered the black was soot up their noses was produced by candles.  The story goes on to emphasize the importance of reading candle labels and trimming the wicks and basically burning the candle for shorter periods of time than this woman did again according to the label.  They even show a clip from the NCA  website regarding how the usage of too much fragrance can make a candle burn unsafely and how you should buy your candles from reputable candle makers!   Loved that part!  I thought it was a very educating news piece for the public and did not turn out as I originally thought, lol.   Keep scrolling down til you get to the video... 



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I began making candles under the assumption that my product would be as good as the mainstream or better. That arrogance would soon be overcome with the discovery that making a strong scented candle was no easy matter. When I did make a "nose burner" , my wife complained that it was "cutting off her air". Big deal, customers demand a long, strong burning candle worth their hard earned money. Demand always shapes supply and this was no exception. My only problem with that story (soot up your nose) is that they must have been burning really crappy candles in a small room. More likely, the woman was burning multiple candles all over her house (idiot) and saturated the air with combustibles. No one will heed this article any more than they do our instructions to trim and burn for only an hour or so. Oh well, better than bashing.

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What...I didn't even think that could be possible 

I know when I lived in an apartment and burned many brand names candles and moved out where there was wall hangings the wall around them was black but I never heard of soot in the nose - that's kinda scary actually 

it had to be a very small room with many candles that were very poorly made like chuck said above  but I'm still baffled how there could be that much soot to actually see it in your nose! 

Maybe that's why I have chronic sinus issues but can't see the soot because I use soy....?

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