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Hello from Canada!


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Hi Everyone,


My wife and I have started crafting candles and (by request of friends) we are looking at making some handmade soaps and beard oils as well. We've been "experimenting" now for about 6 weeks and I have to admit, like a lot of others here, I'm OBSESSED! :)


I've been searching around for a good site for information on troubleshooting issues - and I'm glad I've found this site. I've been reading it extensively the past few days and have found a wealth of information - so I figured I should sign up so I can officially become a "Wax Drip"  hahaha


We started experimenting with the EcoSoya CB-Advanced but have switched over to the CB-135. The main reason is we want the wax adhesion for containers. Currently we are experimenting with the HTP wicks.


So, again hello to all - and looking forward to perfecting chandlery!



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Welcome to both you and your wife Malikh! :hello:Sounds like you guys are into some great items to make. You will not go wrong offering candles and bath and body to your line. You will absolutely LOVE making your own soaps!! Glad to meet you both and welcome to the family of Craftserver! Oh...by the way....we ALL were "Wax Drips" at one time.....welcome to the fold.  :laugh2:

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Welcome to Craft Server!


Funny you mention beard oil... I have just recently started doing research into making beard oil, aftershave toner, and making shaving brushes. I would love to learn how to make badger/boar knots and wood/ceramic handles out of the raw materials. I currently make shaving soap and have my shaving mugs handmade for me by a local potter. Once you get into the shaving world there is so much to learn.


Mostly I make soap and candles. Shaving products are on the side for now.

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