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Wax for melts (6006, 4625, 4627)


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I'm wondering if any has any experience and preference when it comes to these waxes for melts.

I started this journey using igi6006 and thought I was happy with it, except I wondered if there was

another wax or blend that had better throw.  After a recommendation, I tried a mix of 4625 and 4627.

I am happy with it but am wondering if I should try 6006 again to compare or if anyone here has 

experience and/or a preference.   I make melts for myself, so my record keeping early on was poor, sadly.

Now I have become kind of obsessed :)



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I feel your pain LOL! I also started with 6006 mixed with 4625 and several other waxes. Right now I use all paraffin so I mix 4625 with 4630 or 4633. The only reason I changed is I didn't like waiting on the cure with 6006 in there. Other than that, I honestly couldn't tell a difference in the two blends. It can defiantly become an obsession and I wish I had taken better notes.


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