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new tart wax suggestions


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ok ive been using eco soya PB and excel mix for 4yrs now and i think I want more.. Im not sure why i want to torture myself but im noticing something that i do not like. after about 6months my calmshells smell like wax.. like i can smell the scent but the waxy smell is there. i rotate my scents based on seasons and there are some thats left over that I store. now tell me is this normal and its been happening and maybe I just noticed it.

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I've never used straight soy but have used a para/soy mix and some of the clams I made 3 years ago still have a strong scent to them and some don't have much at all. Now, I use straight paraffin so I won't be much help as far as them smelling waxy if it's all soy that causes that. I do have some that start smelling like the plastic from the clamshell though. And then I've had a few that pretty much lost scent altogether (mostly a light vanilla). I think maybe in my case it just depends on the FO and how strong it is. Today at work I was melting Butt Naked that I made over 2 years ago and I could smell it out in the hallway from the far side of the classroom and this was the second day. Another teacher had mocha cappuccino going that I also made about two years ago and it smelled good and strong the first few hours but then fizzled out completely. 

I have an all soy clamshell that I bought from Dollar General, thanksgiving of 2014 and it still smells like pumpkin pie. That's another reason I think it might be the FO. Someone else that uses all soy will have better insight I'm sure.

Sorry I wasn't more help.

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I forgot to mention what tart wax I use. I'm all over the place when it comes to making up my mind on that! LOL! I mostly use 4625 either straight or mixed with 4630 or 4633. I also order from The Candle Source and use their tart wax which I've really liked so far. I also order KY's 133 and 144 occasionally which I like. If I had to choose one over the other I'm really not sure which one I would pick! I like all of them and to be honest I can't tell a difference in throw and longevity but others on here can. I do think that TCS's tart wax has a great hot and cold throw though. I really like it for clams but prefer a little bit harder wax for molds.

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