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Salis Immunity


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Has anyone heard of this or used it??

essential oils of clove-lemon-eucalyptus-wild orange-cinnamon-rosemary and myrrh

i didn't think cinnamon or clove was ok for skin use but it keeps popping up in my Facebook and I have been battling a head cold that makes me so dizzy and the Claritin and singular is not working- doctor says the tubes in my ears are blocked from all the congestion 

was wondering if anyone has tried this and the results 

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I've never heard of that name.


I do have a batch of my very own thieve's blend made up. Just never used it yet. It's been simmering on my shelf for month's. Every now and then I open the bottle and take a sniff! Mmmmmmmm!!


The EOs you mention are similar to what's in thieve's blend with the exception of the myrhh. Hmmm... have to look up my recipe to see for sure but I think that is the difference. It sounds good thou.

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I loathe YL but have to admit their Thieves oil is very nice. One of the vendors at a market I work at sells YL and she let me try out some of the Thieves blend one day. Can't say it cures anything like they claim but it sure does smells awesome! To me it does. I like that sort of stuff.


Seriously what works for me is a blend of lavender and eucalyptus. The eucalyptus oil opens up my sinuses so I can breathe and the lavender soothes my nerves and calms me down. If you have a mister or humidifier try using the oils and see if they help you out.


Also, if you have a candle or melt with CS Mistletoe that will do the same. That's what I use in the wintertime. Another thing that really works for me is Advil's cold & sinus. You have to get it from the pharmacist but it really works for me. That with the candle or the oils.

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I also loathe them- they do not practice EO in a safe manner but their theives does smell amazing and I know many people and massage therapists and chiropractors that swear by the blend - however I know better than to use straight on the skin like they claim you can....

I have many blends I used throughout the years but I haven't really done anything with them in a couple years so I feel I am starting from scratch again- way back when I first started and didn't have knowledge or classes I did oversenitize myself and now I have become Leary - I thought they are natural what possible harm can they cause as I sprayed all my bedding down and the entire house with eucalyptus and lavender with nothing but water in the sprayer.....lets just say it took a long time to figure out what was wrong with me and now when I get near eucalyptus my eyes burn and my face itches and it blows because it was one of my favorite EO's

Lesson learned and I still use blends on the horses but since then I kinda backed off for personal use but am ready to dive back in and get it at again.....back to school I go

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