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Laurel Berry Oil


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There was a huge discussion about this over on another forum a couple years ago. Are you thinking of using the essential oil or the carrier oil? Either way they can be pricey. Plus there are other oils that are better with helping acne.


A good old fashioned lard soap actually does wonders for acne. I make one with olive oil, coconut oil, lard, and castor. If you want to use some beneficial EOs you could add tea tree and lavender.


Lots of soapers have their own soap for problem skin. Personally I just don't see the big deal with laurel berry oil. It got its fame from Aleppo which used the oil in their recipe. But then they came from a country where the oil was easily obtained and close by. Aleppo soap is just another version of a castile or bastile soap.


So many soapers jumped on that bandwagon or tried to until they got a reality check on the price.


I'm sure it's a great oil, but many oils are just as good or better and for a more reasonable price.  The cheapest I have seen is about $9 per oz. If you want to use 30% in say a 3 lb recipe you would pay about $50 alone just for that one oil in one batch of soap.


I can see trying it out for a personal soap but no way would I use it for soap I sell. Can you imagine how much I would have to charge for a bar? Yikes!

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