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Waxes and scent throw

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I have been seeing many mentions of the 464, I currently use 444. Does the 464 have better hot throw? 

I am about to reorder my supplies and notice that I wish my candles had more hot throw ( but sometimes I wonder if I am just nose blind because everyone I have given candles to say they smell fantastic) 

I am open to other wax options too, I usually buy from CS, the one time I ordered from nature's garden I think I got a bad batch of wax and went back to CS. 

Thanks :D

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464 is a great wax - I have never used 444

I did switch many years ago to 415 from 464 though because to me I got better hot throw but it was a monster to perfect in the looks department and I had so many scents already tested that I had to start over with 

IMO if your happy and your customers are happy I wouldn't go thru the headache of switching because it's so much testing again of wicks with all your fragrances.....unless you are completely unhappy and have the time to do so- it does seem no matter what we all forever testing something! Lol

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