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Selling melts wholesale


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Hello all :)

I'm thinking of selling my melts wholesale. Wondering if any of you do this and do you sell them per ounce? Per pound? Is it worth it? Or more problems than it's worth? Thinking of pouring in silicone molds. I have so many molds and they make such cute little shapes. Thanks so much for any help! ;)

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Guest OldGlory

If your clients want them, why not? You could sell them by the lb and let them decide how to package/present/sell it. I love the little shapes. I only sell the large clamshells wholesale (they hold 6 oz).

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I had an account that I sold by the pound unpacked.  I've never sold melts wholesale any other way. That cust wanted to use their own vintage jars to package the melts. 


Now I just do the smaller clamshells and don't wholesale them.  Have had a couple requests for the large clamshells but so far haven't accepted any orders.  Not sure I want to invest in another size, labels, etc. 


I'd find out exactly what they want from you, whether you need to invest in packaging for them and base your price on that.  I always charge more if a wholesale customer wants anything custom.

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