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Bath & Body Works "Rare" fragrances


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Has anyone ever found or tried duplicating any of the rare Bath and Body Works fragrances? I recently had a customer send me a bunch to try and re-create but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with these before..


Pink Petal Tea Cake

Sugarberry Spritzer

Nutmeg & Spice

Island Colada

Banana Kiwi Colada

Raspberry Peach Macaron

French Baguette

Black Plum Blossom (Yankee)

Black Pepper Bergamot

Strawberry Sorbet

Blackberry Bramble Tea

Juicy Nectarine


What companies are able to duplicate fragrances? Can they re-create a fragrance based on a wax sample or does it have to be an oil? Just wanted to get any info from you guys before I start digging! Thanks!

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