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  1. I agree that the RE cotton candy is a bit odd.. It's very light and airy, and not very sweet. More of a "blue" cotton candy rather than the strawberry-ish ones you normally get. Right now I'm using Just Scent's version but I'm still on the hunt for the best cotton candy!
  2. I've used Pillar of Bliss a bunch in the past! Overall I think it's a great wax. Pros: Easy to work with (granules) Excellent cold throw, medium-strong hot throw, depending on fragrance High fragrance load-- I used between 10% and 12% Great price per case Nature's Garden has excellent customer service and great shipping prices Hardness makes it perfect for molded/shaped tarts without smearing Cons: Will require a 2nd pour unless you like dimpled/sunken in tarts Not easily cut-able, fairly brittle, can't cut uniform chunks Not really a pro or con, but I found that it takes more dye to get real bright and vibrant colors. I used this wax exclusively when I first started, it's great for beginners! Eventually I went on to my own blend of a couple different waxes. Hope this helps, have fun!
  3. Has anyone ever found or tried duplicating any of the rare Bath and Body Works fragrances? I recently had a customer send me a bunch to try and re-create but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with these before.. Pink Petal Tea Cake Sugarberry Spritzer Nutmeg & Spice Island Colada Banana Kiwi Colada Raspberry Peach Macaron French Baguette Black Plum Blossom (Yankee) Black Pepper Bergamot Strawberry Sorbet Blackberry Bramble Tea Juicy Nectarine What companies are able to duplicate fragrances? Can they re-create a fragrance based on a wax sample or does it have to be an oil? Just wanted to get any info from you guys before I start digging! Thanks!
  4. Has anyone else noticed how shady this company is? I am so mad at them! I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their oils, and when I got my last order, at least 4 of the bottles were mislabeled. I know they were because they are fragrances I've bought from them before so I know what they should smell like. When I e-mailed them requesting the correct bottles, they essentially told me that I was wrong! They would not fix their mistake and refused to admit they had even screwed up. And then I've noticed that all my negative reviews of oils never show up, but all my positive ones are posted almost instantly! I loved their free shipping, and many of the oils are good, but I must say goodbye to FB.. I'd rather pay shipping to a company that has principles and treats people right. Anyway, rant over. Just wondering if anyone else has had an "experience" with them!
  5. As the wax cools, it forms those little indentations on top, like little sink holes. I think it's because of the soy content. I don't like that look on my tarts either so I pour them halfway, wait a little for them to harden, and then do a second pour. Gets them nice and smooth on top, but it is a little more time consuming. I think candlemakers use heat guns to smooth out the tops but I've never tried that with tarts. I agree with other posters.. heat your wax to a higher temp. Add the fragrance oil between 180 - 185. Let it cool to 140-150 before pouring. Also, there is a tutorial somewhere (Candle Tech?) of how to add a spigot to the bottom of a Presto Pot. Then you don't have to worry about dipping in and out and having the wax cool too much. My wax goes from the spigot directly to a hot pouring pot, so it's nice and easy and doesn't cool off too much. It's easy to get frustrated in the beginning, but just keep at it!
  6. Interesting process, OldGlory, I will have to try out your method! Thanks for the input guys!
  7. I was wondering what everyone's opinion was on blending oils. It seemed simple to me at first but then you start doing it and there's a lot of different techniques! Do you just mix the oils together right before adding to the wax, or mix them together and let them sit a few hours or a few days before using it in wax? I wonder if letting them sit like that would even make a difference? I just make tarts and honestly the best blends I've made are just single layers of each separate fragrance that combine when melted. But this way is impractical when combining more than 2 scents and is much more time consuming. Any opinions?
  8. I just tried Nature's Garden Candy Corn and it was really weak at both 6% and 10% fragrance loads (parasoy). It smelled like a very sweet vanilla. I was disappointed with it.
  9. I just tried Candlemaker's Store "Leaves Type" (not "Autumn Leaves Type") but it sucked and all I could smell was cinnamon. Smelled identical to their Antique Cider. Their Trix type smelled like baby powder, and Yogurt Parfait smelled like coconut! I think they randomly fill bottles with whatever they have. Never buying from them again. Sad too because they have a huge selection. Now I know why they don't have reviews!
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