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How to spuce up your products?


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I thought I would start this hear instead of the other boards mainly it a craft outside of Candles and Soaps. I feel it is needed. I feel we get so focused on just the candle and soap making that we forget the bling customers' like. We sometimes need to catch their eye. We keep them with our great products but you have to catch them first.


I am trying to find or make DYI project that you can do yourself. I want each of you to stand out. I want to help with the tools to do that. That is why I posted the soap dish I have a few more of those planned along with candle holders.


What are some of your ideas to do it?





P.S. I have no idea if that made any sense at all.





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I wish I knew. I know some people add jewelry to their candles. Other things like gingham or calico colored ribbons tied around the candle jar neck with or without a bow. Or use hemp or sisal string for the same thing.


When I first saw your beautiful work Vicky using clay it made me think that decorating candle jars on the outside with it would be pretty.


I wish I could etch glass as I would love to etch my biz name on jars. I have also see lids with felt stars or embossed names, words on them. I even bought a beginner's wood carving/engraving set to see if I could teach myself how to burn/carve designs into wooden candle lids.


Several years ago there was a link to a candle seller that had exquisitely carved pillar candles. They looked like they had been stamped with different pictures. I never could figure out how they did it but it looked like they used some kind of stamper or imprinting method.


Just a few ideas that popped into my mind.

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