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Essential Oil in 464


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I have just picked up my order of essential oils but I have never used them before in candles.

I use 464 and will be making melts. Is there anything I need to do differently to using normal fo's?

Do I need to adjust the wax temp? Do I need to cure longer? The bottle says 4%~ 10% usage what would be the best % to use?

Many thanks

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Use whatever % your wax mfg recommends not the eo mfg as they are stating how much to add to a carrier oil.

When I used essential oils I added them when the wax was a bit cooler than fo at approx 150 degrees.  The cure time is really about the same, again it's your wax cure time.

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EO's just never gave me the results I wanted in a candle add to that the cost of the EO and I quit doing them fairly quickly.  I still have a few people who ask for them so I have a lady

who makes & sells them in our store but I never see repeat customers who buy them.  I'm going to guess it's because there is very little throw with those candles.  If you want a flickering light,

you can buy an unscented candle.  I want to smell my scented candle when I walk into my front door.

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