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  1. MrsM

    Glade Wax Melter

    Thank you ladies...I guess I will do what I feel is safe
  2. MrsM

    Glade Wax Melter

    Hi I bought a glade wax melter yesterday to compare it to my tea light melter and it seems to be working much better than the tea light burner. My concern is, it doesnt say how long you can use it for and its scaring me having it on longer than 5hrs. I have emailed SC Johnson to ask them what the safest burn time is but they havent answered me yet. I went to their website and I read reviews that people burn them all day and night
  3. Hi, I have just picked up my order of essential oils but I have never used them before in candles. I use 464 and will be making melts. Is there anything I need to do differently to using normal fo's? Do I need to adjust the wax temp? Do I need to cure longer? The bottle says 4%~ 10% usage what would be the best % to use? Many thanks
  4. Ray...sorry its in australia http://www.aussiecandlesupplies.com.au/maple-pumpkin-bread-p-980.html
  5. I made a Maple Pumpkin Bread candle last nite and omg the smell was amazing. I think its going to be a permanent for me
  6. How old are you? 45 Where do you live? Western Australia How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Just starting out - November 2013 How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? Have loved candles most of my life and recieved some bday money in November, so thought why not buy some candle making supplies and have a go myself. Are you married? Any kids? Yes 23yrs, g21, g18, and b16 If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do? Im a bear artist, have a home business making bears for 7yrs now. Going to add some candles to my table at shows I do. Anything else we should know? Im just a sahm who is battling lupus and various other autoimmune conditions and trying my best to do the things I love so I dont go insane
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