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Event Reports Week Ending 7/20/14

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I live in a tourist area and this past weekend we had a lot of them. Tourists come in waves so some weekends you don't see any and others we get a lot. This past weekend we had a lot. I love selling to tourists. They typically buy as much or more than repeat customers.


I did great on Saturday and Sunday. I missed working my market on Friday thou because of my sore hip.


Hard to say what sold the best as I am out of so many things I am behind in restocking. But I did manage to stock some summer scent candles and those have been selling great; mango papaya, strawberry shortcake are the winners.


For soap people looking for the last of any citrus and florals I had. Also selling were extra conditioning soaps for both face and body.


I had one little girl that loved my Oakmoss & Amber soap. I was a bit surprized as its kind of a unisex scent and what I would think of as an adult or grownup type scent. I thought she would want a pretty pink soap but no she loved the O&A so mom bought it for her. She was so cute. She came with her 2 little sisters and when I saw them I immediately thought of the movie Despicable Me and the 3 little girls. So adorable.

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Yay for a good weekend, Candybee! I had a good weekend too. There was a local music festival in my part of town and it was my biggest day for sales yet! I also was part of a little pop up market in the parking lot of a health foods store, as well as my weekly Friday farmers market.

I make watermelon candles in 8oz jelly jars. I pour them in in green, white, and red layers of wax with black seeds painted inside of the jar where the red wax is. So it looks like a watermelon slice. I can't keep them in stock. I know that means I should raise the price so supply and demand even out, but I can't bring myself to raise any of my prices. :/ oh well. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a pic because they really are super cute candles!

I made candles using Nature's Garden's "Blue Hawaiian". I poured them in green, pink, and blue layers and decorated the lid with a tropical looking flower print. I call them "Aloha". I thought people would go nuts for a summery, tropical candle. Nope! Haven't sold one yet! Which is a shame because that FO is a hell of a thrower.

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