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What kind of wax is this?

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Says container paraffin wax, no additives.


To me, this is the stuff that comes from China.  General Wax used to sell something similar.  MP around 125 to 130.  Yeah, it adheres better than higher MP waxes.  That's a no brainer.  But it doesn't mean it adheres perfectly.


Says if you add vybar or stearic will change opaqueness or hardness. Sure, yes, because it is not one of the IGI waxes that already has these additives.


I do use wax like this from GenWax to dilute some of the harmony or J223 or J225 or J50 waxes from time to time for special purposes (over scenting). 


It shoudl probably hold about 3 percent FO at max and maybe double that if you use the vybar.  Probably no need for stearic unless you want to make pillars. 


I don't use additives for color, only for FO content or EO content.


All that said, it is cheap or "competitive" by today's standards. Should be cheaper.  This stuff is pennies in China so please don't comparet it to IGI wax.  Might be fun to buy a slab, add some vybar, and experiment.  And if your experiments go like mine, HTP or ECO wicks would be good to use.  Cotton core also.

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