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MC's Tobacco Flower


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Guest OldGlory

I have tried half a dozen different tobaccos and I like the Tobacco (not the Tobacco and Cedar) at Aztec the best. To my nose it seems the most straightforward tobacco. I really did not enjoy all the really sweet tobaccos offered by other companies. I ended up trying several different additional FOs as blenders and really love the results - still used more than 50% of this tobacco.

Not really sure what it was you were hoping for in the sample you ordered, but I can recommend a sample from Aztec!

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I just poured a tester of MC's Tobbaco flower and hoping it has a good HT. It's definitely more green than the typical tobacco you get at other suppliers. I want to use the MC version in a floral blend and maybe this will be a better choice. Will let you know my results in a couple of weeks. 

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I spent several years of my adolescence working in a tobacco field.   Definitely *not* a true scent of the tobacco flower.    I've had it for months and haven't poured it yet.


Green, floral, a hint of earth.  I like it OOB, but it's not true to name.

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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 1:48 PM, glasllyn said:

In case anyone is looking for the Grandpa's pipe sort of scent, I think Flaming nailed it. WSP's Santa's Pipe isn't too bad, either.

I love WSP santas pipe, lots of cherry.

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