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***HELP Finding Cylinder Candle Boxes***

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I am currently looking for cylinder candle boxes for a higher end candle line. I have looked on the internet and seem to only find places that are located in China with a min of 1000 pieces to order. I know and have found several suppliers that do sell the traditional square gift box for a tumbler style candle but I want to do something a bit different to help me stand out. I did find a place in Chicago that does them but I'm sure their mins are high. I plan to at least call to find out.

Here is the link so you can see what I'm referring to. http://www.chicagopapertube.com/CandlePackaging/candlepackaging1.html

If anyone can direct me to a place or website that would sell this type of packaging I would appreciate it a lot.

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Thank you Nancy! I have been to papermart and have seen these but unfortunately they are not what I'm looking for.

I did call the company on Chicago and talked with a salesperson. The mins for the nice rolled edge tube containers are 2500 piece min. Ugh! I may have to go with a box I found but maybe I will come across the cylinder packaging I want eventually.

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